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Master of Electronic Art Spatiality and Interaction SOUND "...courses in the history and theory of sonic arts, physics, acoustics, electronics, and" traditional musics" ants mirror control protocols on the Internet "microwave imaging without lenses w/omovimgpsarts t o u ch art of listening

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~LMJ 23 Notes and References Earth's Climate UMDNano-media-wiki Retro:2002
2010 World Playing FlowChart Monitoring Nature's Sounds with Terrain-Based Constructions >sharing linked phenomena ~ Earth's artists' citizen-sientists' monitor multiple fibre tri-axial sensors: rgb i/o video and idivdually share realtime common phenomena,e.g., electromagnetic dawn chorus, auroras, thunder rolls, wind fronts- utc/gps-synced- occurring locally at Latitude, Longitude positions are collated from among globals neighborhoods as 'intercepted compositions, ensuring sustained two-way realtime terrestrial vocabulary resources and generational input, w/multiplexed output via Brillouin sensor(DBS)/optical waveguide.~Terrain Instruments projects ****** are included within a natural context w/4 unique mesh nodes: Tree(s), xyz sensors Windinch(s) w/flow meter sensor monitorings, Box Kite(s) strung w/.32ga stainless steel &w/xyz sensor, and guyed Helium balloon(s)w/suspended spy camera hovering (the tree(s))... there will be four lines of information collected. All of the data that is not the universal time code information, will use some kind of fibre sensor pickup. All audio-seaking M6 fibre sensors will be on line... because there is a large community for the products (including interferometric HeNe laser modules)...which could be interconnected with affiliated mesh nets...after the RF modules would be used to transmit the data to a computer that is running a program...after the data is gathered and put into four different audio files, one for each Terrain Instrument...the four data files are run through an audio editing software...compressed all into one final file that can be uploaded to Sound Cloud or be made available globally via in-progress two-way nets...on call fr/SoundCloud, handhelds, monitors a/or faster nets in realtime...w/feedback and feedforward; epicentrally, Mediawiki, Skype and email will effect fluxed project's evolution. (original proposal * draft) ** mesh+nets /w/nodes across the continent/fr timeline flowchart triangulation . ** XYZ axes .. *.. usb high speed transceivers 40-Gbps...UV freq comb... fr the M6 fibresensor, Mux/Demux modlaser meshnet citizen-scientist artists community supraterrestrial X Y Z U project, May 1 2011 UMDuluth US art student xyzu(tc)collaborator, advisers Steve Read *, Andy Lindberg; sculptor Prof/UMD David Bowen * * tele-present water * * * fly tweet ARDUIO PLAYGROUND MAC 10.6 millimeter-wave wireless * Emerging from the vortex * .XYZUtc/gps 2way w o r k shopss * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * feedforward/backwhen, from where & what you want to hear on call, month by month, via the networkings on your monitor or handheld...Tesla GPU Workstations ^.. IRsensors laser xmtr ** >maker shed>> optical traceiver ~ringtones 1986 'Imaging Particulate Matter' Hidden Landscape 'world stage: "sound-rush," Archive for the 'sound, holovideo' Category; A/V: analog-to-digital 'Telesuonovision' 2011 xyz(utc)project proposal ...as.v.b 2011 path through the labyrinth wn.com Outer Years xyz(U)tc Projects: HOLLYHOCK&PARABOLIC BLOOM ARRAY; passaroundsounds MARSMICADCVOCATE+ icefloe + Spitsbergen Islands 2012 Stephen Hilyard collaborative altocumulus potentials Bioart | Moist Reality. C.V.social networks * * game-powered machine re sound

300-million-year-old tropical forest Athanasius kircher Henry David Thoreau dob1932 IS&SCS * we can help shape the future but we can't change the past * "On Birches" 1951 Radio Club of the Air 1.29 Darold Roach * * * * * * North Atlantic ceberg targets Gloria DeFilipps Brush; New Teach; 2012 host CV * 1969 radiogram world wired for what rediceberg memory 1970 * * Jack Burnham * * * * * art school roof drawing call * Sonia Sheridan * * * * * * * * Sonia's commemorative * * * * * * * Paw Paw Michigan Nic Collins 1972 Telecopier * Robert Smithson * scroll down* * Riverharps Frostprinter * windinch 1975 Terrain Instruments are Activated VoicesInTheWindOscar Brand David Rosenboom * Stan VanDerBeek * LB silkscreen Moniek Darge * * * * * * * Godfried-Willem Raes * * * * Gordon Monahan * * * * * * Pauline Oliveros 1932 The World Wide Tuning Meditation * * * * * Helen Thorington * * * * * draft monitor sound sculpture REDOT mindvoice network *fractal audio *LB telephone * Meadow Piano holographic imaging eddy imaging MP vertical monitoring plane windscube* Insect Broadcasting System * ground swell/modulated laser 1975 'coda' NewMusic Chicago weather balloons Wright State University John Greyson Richard Lerman 1979 1st National Art Project: Icebergs North on the Red River 1984 site LBs outdoor instruments Kim Cascone * * * * * * * * 2003 etherJnetworldmenunowsounds * WINDRIBBONING Ribbon-Like Structure At Edge Of * Heliosphere* * laser as performance Scanning electron microscope * Lake Superior ice floe Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum *** * *1997 Web project endeavor: I ask You projects seminars/daily occurances * Iain projects Mott * * Acoustic Ecology * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * soundscapes Hildegarde Westercamp * * * Andres Bosshard * * * Computer Gaming Part 5 Tulse Luper Journey )environmen t Robert Ashley * ** * * US-I-169 soundmark teleSUONOhologram teleSUONOquad breeze and collimated audio Joshua Kind Doug Kahn * * * * * * * * * satellite Alvin Lucier * 1969 I Am Sitting in a Room * * * *Sferics NchecktheseoutO I S E (S*** checklater* * sring instrumentt* ***) Suono, Ambiente, Comune di Rimini, Italy, 1982 British Library -leifbrush * * * * * * * * * * * * sound mark * Bill & Mary Buchen 1984 chainltr Bernhard Leitner USOUNDRLs * * * Christopher Janny Bibliothèque nationale de France Annea Lockwood * * * Ed Osborn Nigel Reddin Walker Art Center Nigel Helyer Karol van der Eijk WINDRIBBON Steve Bradley * Marc McNulty Kosmophone imeb.net Re: [microsound] * James Tenney Bill Fontana David Rokeby * 2004StringTelephone * * red telephone networking **; intersection aestheticmachinery Ear to the Earth * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * atmospheric conditions walk into the forest Globals Wave Artifacts Terraplane Chorography '70'80snds imported sources Graspable Atmospheres alien *atmospheres Jim Melchert Fairmount Park * Global's wave artifacts Steve ¿What Next? Recordings Peters Birch roots "tree truth" * * E*arth's trees in a new light David Tudor "Rainforest" Roy Ascot 1976 * * * * * * "seflbroadcasting infinity soundscapes" *rain computers 1977 BUSH CV William Furlong Colin Fallows Marc Mcnulty 1996 Ear to the Ground * Ros Bandt's "Dangerous Choices" (1994) * 2003 stream=s 2way spigots: * 2004 s o u n d w o r k s Jos Smolders Anders & Kristoffer; 2012 soundsnap MICROFLOWN ARAYS good looking sound files Rob Wittig Javier Ariza John Grzinich nodarflowlines * Monika Fleishmann Katie Paterson Eric Leonardson * * YONY Soniascommemorative Walter Maioli Maria Blondeel Warren Burt Volker Staub EAR cleaners Edward Shanken * * * * * NYT Störung Festival sylvi macCormac Materials/trees("ARtProjects") Roger Malina * * [Yasmin_discussions] networking 5.0 * poetry Google Books mDon Ritter machineology; Paul DeMarinis *the melodic voice box * sofia v bustorff Guy De Bièvre 'TECHNOLOGY NOT THE POINT ' Shawn Decker * * * * USA Projects Biyuu Seth-Kim Cohen Bjarni Gunnarsson * * internet 'blackwhole' UMD 'terrain Instruments' defined terraInstruments . aspects Justin Bennet Hoor de Bomen 'soundworks': mov (now) Global's Wave Artifacts analog soundings, windinstances radio talking pictures Monitoring Natue's Sounds RE: RE: RE: RE: MISIC newsreal_Owlstreams_eins-1.mp4 (May 26, 1998) 2009: Marc Namblard "The Arctic Circle" North Atlantic [Yasmin_discussions] poetry Jussi*Parikka Martin John Callanan:"Comment is free" audio artesonoro mediateletipos * * locusplus robocam.au Earth's vibrational analog mirrorings natural radio streams ..."TEAM FL MUSICWORKS A-Z Internet Archives Community audio/video ACOWO > nano hummingbird "ornihopter" * feed?back/forward .on offer 2008 34.7mb passaroundsound.net.nz pdf dvd $10 COD.."ANAT supports artists and creative practitioners engaging with science and technology, within Australia and beyond"... Skype leif.brush -UTC/GMT-6 h Minneapolis/Duluth Leif@passaroundsound.net RE objectives also include conjoining, Globally, Art Sound Departments i.e., concepts, idea mergers. trades, weekly Skype conf crits... sounds on dropbox .. Leif '06 cellphone concepts * LeonardoMusicJournal LMJ23? "Acoustics" "Earth Sound Earth Signal" ? ..leif brush Intellectual property via I.S.Ps. *utub IMEO happy newears 25 april > 13 mai 2012 Leif Brush (US) ref / Guy De Bievre / Sofia von Bustorff (VS/BE) | Windribbon (original Major Birch anchor) & Insect Recording Studio (original IRS 1974 sidetrips ) | Flanders FESTIVAL Kortrijk Dawn Scarfe * # * * ; * || Leif Svalgaard's research pagesGeomagnetic field...Internatiomal space station * glob*l warming thread or sndsnippets LATLONG stitcher trees of the world monthly log 1997 Internet 1_ segueGrant>hack a day belo <mobile site in progress> archiv 2010 propased project Netherlands Kortrijk Belgium 2012 May 12th http://icecast01.v2.nl:8000/windribbon.m3u - 2013? feedback"Before, during and after the deluge: Sounding Kortrijk" url ` now at heart a 4-node Mesh +faster nets advocate lbaspects >world wired for what<, e.g. ^ .peacefullpurposes;^ ^ ; ^4.5 Billion Year Old Earth CompositionFrown Tails project XBee Digi-K-node hack a day Projects Gallery

Conceptual works 1968 - today, from sound sculpture,

Terrain Instruments and xyz(UTC/GPS) World Playing attempt

Notes and References

Terrain Instrument's contexts

Audible Constructs Primer

1968-1972 SAIC (scroll down)Audible Consructs;

YONY (scroll down)

inclusive Hexagram documentation, SAIChicago roof Hexagram

Monitoring Natures Sounds With Terrain Based Constructions

Aeolian harp music

Production: technology, politics, and the imagination]; roundtable discussion

Production : technology, politics, and the imagination


Tríd an gcoill: a collection of reality-particles--sounds and images from dromore wood

Leif Brush sounding

miscellaneous ephemeral

material Screen prints 1970

Over a century: a history of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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leif-brush.info passaroundsound.uk.net windwitnessingnet.cn cellphonynet.info
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From my 1956-1964 Chicag0 friend, upon comletion of four more-or less consecutive analog US broadcasting station and regional network challenges; he suggested "..you should try The ChicagO Art Institue Schools..." SAIC Sound Department /w Nic Collins.*** * * *


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As I continue to work in support of my interrelationships concept of visual and aural harmony, recurring in their zero state, a coda:
Aside from my 1969 Hexagram international winds intercepted composition, which was only part of an emerging whole now pieced together in this 1972 Yony, there is an internal contrast in the more recent ideas. These are better coalesced: the Iowa Riverharps Terrain Instrument proposal. When adding the excitement, interest, and work done by people in support of it, this project could be a significant "art work." The criteria for this qork was met in the proposal, down to the job it can create - a Harps tuner. It seems very important for me to orchestrate things together and make a move from zero state. I intend to give examples in support of this, and I hope future idea-related works will help to further define my composite whole.

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TREES: underground roadsides wires between


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rocket iinto aurora
wind turbine inspired by Tesla computing bursts for smartphones Fractal Audio carbon nanotube transistor

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I wish I could have read his "Gramaphone, Film, Typewriter" book translation in 1986. Honoring Friedrich's messaging, "it is we who adapt to the machine. The machine does not adapt to us" He vaulued arts and sciences. 2012, happy ear year, again.

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researches, collaboratios and commerce-related notes: Skype >leif.brush<
embeded I.R. iris, voice and thumb print readers | nano iris/thumb/voice optic pad: voice activated (turns on IR sensor)| reads iris and thumb print (saves to memory)| eye/finger/voice control | voiced sign off/save/shutdown to oxygen









bio-art tangents ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^

Jennifer Hall Instrument for a Mediated Terrain Nathaniel Bobbit Bio-Communication Systems




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four elements

terrain instrument - tree

idealy Douglas fir or beech

((+/- 10 yrs of age implant nano titanium sensor approx midway of each limb))

helium balloon (( dual purposes xmtr antenna / xyz(Utc/gps sensor))


((xyz(Utc/gps sensor))

boxkite ((xyz(Utc/gps sensor ))

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2013.2.3-Not appropriate to our needs.


Balance-Unbalance 2013


Author: Leif BRUSH

Affiliation: Retired FA Professor, University of Minnesota, Duluth, US

Email: lbrush@d.umn.edu

Title of presentation: Rooting Grass Seminars, Wave Correlated Terrestrial Meshnodes

Transforming minds are omnipresent and seek realtime open-nerve connections.
A group's "Spaceship Earth's" knowledge genre contributions could accept the challenge of melding terrestrial phenomena with underlying biological, aural and visible regional concepts from the familiar everyday world, conjoining neighborhood artist-citizen science community specificities in collaboration with peers exploring various nano audio and imaging technologies: artists, natural phenomena and citizen-scientists. Local solar-based home school resources would affirm- by enlarging from a basic goal developing and evolving conceptual content- the vocabularies that take into account elevating preschool learner's motivational content and their unique productivity. Epicentrally, local prioritizing would be forthcoming from such a group, noting the synced/voice-dated UT time's perpetual and under laying date-baseline formulated so as to compile their fluxing A/V construction; and, eventually affecting summarizations of all assembled affiliate node's upon executing their unique and previously developed Media-wiki structure. Lateral outcomes would be enhanced by monthly participation via Skype and A/V feedback. Rotational leadership utilizes LazySusen turntable-focusing-by the current concept-presentor host- in concert with those in realtime, constructing a days revelations; these articulations are digested potentially as a long-term fluxing, and represent the group's "stitched" summaries. Hope is for the emergence of a graspable baseline- as in a Biconical enlargement, amplifying personal vocalizing for the strongest possible feedback, stimulating lateral thinking, segueing and mirroring personal outcomes with fellow conversant's, and to eventually segue local, regional and national neighborhoods; thus, adopting this process outward, constructing solar-based nano Mesh net challenges, net-patching, flow charting, et cetera, and engaging in Skype-networked University audio/video seminars and home schools. Upon common-ground acceptance, this maturing process could eventually mirror realtime global thinking summaries, networking their discussions, and standing by for on call two-way status conversations among handhelds and home keyboards.

Presenter bio:
The half-silent visual arts presses on, relying on archived documentation of its poetics, writing, imaging, architectural and sculpture past. The eyes are now on par with the ears.
One of Leif"s major concerns is the urgent need for new aesthetic vocabularies, models and processes which can allow artists-citizen-scientists to expand the traditional humanistic bases in which nature continues as a prime source for inspiration. For decades,he's acquired a matching vocabulary whose pace evolved together with his soundworks. Both epicentrally re-radiate those sought after and then found highly amplified signals from an array of audible constructions: sensor-laden terrain instruments. These are conceptually identified as unique catalysts and conduits for recontextualizing Earth's wave and vibration "sound tracks." Particular focus is on analog artifacts from terrestrial and extraterrestrial resources which he hopes can outflow seperately but along side traditional out bound aural streams currently available via Internet 1, cable and digital broadcast. His Mesh-networking quest seeks, in realtime, an on call 2way availability of the overwhelming and perpetual data-laden analog terrestrial artifacts which could be Y-connected onto a .gov or public Internet "pipe". The flux status he's advocating would continue his ground work for making sounds available on through invisible boundaries, from specific Latitude and Longitude nodes which would be UTC synced. He's advocating ('using multiple local nodes') for audibly sharing through net-constructing a most obvious and missing aural aspect of our being earth guests. It's a special activation of a long term memory niche for "our" vibrations we have in common while riding on "spaceship earth."

Type of proposal
Transdisciplinary activities/panels

Terrain Instruments, audible constructs, Mesh nets multiplexing demultiplexing, modulated laser, embedded Triaxial optical sensor, TeleSUONOhologram, hexagram, recontextualized sound, monitoring nature, Windscube, Windwitnessing, Windinch, Meadow Piano, Windribbon, mindvoicenetwork, stitching phenomena, Foxe Basin, Icelandic low, Greenland high, imaging particulate matter, scientific trash, Morse code, Ekman layer, interferometer, tree truth, strain gauge, flow meter, Meaney ice shelf, femto amplifier, autocorrelation, signal correlation, eddy correlation, eddy imaging, Frost Printer

( key aspects such technology requirements, etc)
Outer years status
I am physically incapable of fulfilling the initiatives and proposals I have advocated; however, as their catalyst, I'm capable of responding to any ideas re conceptualizing beyond the basic wireless mesh network and look toward to expanded link-ups with faster two-way networking potentials.
Project archives, aspects/technologies.
Project discussion
Education genre

Generative Systems Publication, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Baffinland, Canada Icelandic low & Greenland high, Gibbs Fjord
In 1955, those of us who were temporarily "attached" to the navy for the purpose of assisting in Operation 572E BAFOX were all dressed in t shirts and olive drab fatigues. The navy sailor hosts were dressed in blue denim shirts and trousers. Temporary project helpers for this operation were on leave of absence from Georgia and other southern prisons and they were all dressed in 50s street clothes. Our joint mission was to assist with the preliminary work that eventually would result in a completed Dew Line Radar Network. (Missile defense system.)
Modulated laser Performance
Retrospective SAIC Publication
University of Iowa (City)
University of Chicago Midway Studios
University of Minnesota Duluth
Permanent Forest Terrain Instruments ( later completely recycled)
This Terrain Instrument was a contuation of several levitating sounding sculptures (floatplanes), conceived to be a perpetual Instrument which would use computing processes to achieve sustained manifestations and remain a continution of my interactive international listening series of solar powered constructions. From which future microcomputer-networkable and auralizations from these projects could be based from wind and snow flakes inputing realtime terrestrial data.
Tree ring playback
TERRAPLANE CHOROGRAPHY recont extualizing sound in art
Teleconstructs Spacework I
This project has close association with Matthew Biederman's "environmental mesh network in the Foxe Basin, Canada area."
??? SINUNI - Mesh Network

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